Wallops Flight Facility – Virginia

The Visitor Center at NASA Wallops Flight Facility provides an educational and fun experience for visitors of all ages. We offer many unique programs, special events, and educational opportunities sure to capture the interest and imagination of all who explore our visitor center.

Our exhibit hall and museum take you on a journey through past projects conducted at Wallops Flight Facility and carry you to the present where you will learn about our Sounding Rockets Program, Scientific Balloon Projects, Orbital Tracking Station and much more.

Admission and parking to the Visitor Center is free to the public and open 10am – 4pm Thursday – Monday (March – June), 10am- 4pm Daily (July 4 – Labor Day), 10am-4pm Thursday – Monday (September – November) and 10am – 4 pm Monday – Friday (December – February).

Passport holders receive a commemorative stamp in thier Passport. Passports can be redeemed at stamped at the information desk.